“I kind of knew who Amy was before I booked her mentoring, I’d spoke to her a few times and I knew that she really knew her stuff especially when it came to presets and editing!
I’d been going through the complete and utter hell of trying to figure out what kind of look I wanted and how to apply that in Lightroom! I’d been using it a year but I still hadn’t figured half of the sliders and tools out! Trying to build myself a preset was something that literally had me in tears sometimes!
When I saw that Amy was doing the mentoring I jumped at the chance and booked her straight away. Not quite sure what to expect we did our first google hangout, I loved it! She was so patient and answered all my questions, she took time to explain things for me, she showed me the tools in my camera and in Lightroom and how to use them, she knew exactly what I wanted my images to look like and explained how that was achieved, not just post shoot but what to do shooting for that style in camera!
These mentoring sessions have literally changed my whole shooting and editing experience! Heck they have changed my life!!! It’s gone from absolute dread to pure enjoyment! I could not recommend it enough, anyone going the struggles of finding their style or getting things to look how they want has to do this! It’s worth every single penny and so so so much more.
I LOVE YOU AMY!” - Agnes


"I’m super thrilled that I found Amy as her depth of knowledge and attention to detail was absolutely excellent. I had long wanted to improve my Lightroom presets and make my workflow more efficient and she offered exactly what I needed. Amy explained how Lightroom works in detail and she helped me to understand how every slider and section in Develop mode interacts with each other. She understood all of my shortcomings, carefully listened to what I was aiming for in my preset and as a result, delivered a fantastic customised preset. Amy is easy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their presets or Lightroom skills in general." - Eneka


"Like most photographers I've spent hundreds of pounds over the years on presets to try and get that perfect look. Without ever really realising the ins and outs of them. Finally by tweaking the life out of a bought preset I had something I was happy with. Most of the time. When it worked, it worked. But in certain lighting conditions it was so difficult to use and I had no idea what changes to make to get it to where I wanted. In swooped Amy-Leigh. I explained that I needed a preset with a very similar look but one that was much much easier to use. After laughing at me for my terrible tweaking job, Amy-Leigh set to work creating me a bespoke preset. My new preset looks pretty much exactly like my original one (which was just what I wanted) but is 100% easier to use. My editing as a result is so much more consistent and quicker. What's more I learned so much about how Lightroom works throughout the process so now if I get a trickier lighting situation I'm so much better prepared than I used to be - and that's all down to Amy-Leigh's teaching and Lightroom guru knowledge. Thank you so much!" - Rachel


"I’m so pleased nobody kept a log of how many hours i’ve spent editing and mostly tweaking to get the look I had in my mind across in my images. Whilst I was happy with my editing style finished results, the time it took to achieve it in varied locations and light was quite frankly a joke!
I made the decision to get in touch with Amy after a frustrating afternoon of what I then thought was ‘tweaking'. Little did I know how little I knew!!
Amy is patient, caring and makes the whole process far more enjoyable than you expect. I looked forward to every session and cannot wait for my final mini session with her next week.
Everything is bespoke to you and comes from your own ideas, your current desired look and your current achieved look.
My editing time has cut down dramatically and I know exactly what process to follow for each light situation I may come across. This more than anything is so important to me, as it means more time shooting for fun and more importantly, more family time.
It is such a worthwhile investment. I can’t recommend Amy-Leigh enough to anyone who wants to hone their style, develop a new one or to simply cut down on editing time.
Thank you so much Amy, you’ve lifted what I felt was slowly becoming a burden and made it awesome.

YOU ARE FAB!!" - Tash at Love Luella Photography


"Amy has recently created a new preset for me - which I am totally in love with! I wasn't sure how long the process would take, but Amy was very efficient in getting new ideas and testers back to me, that it didn't take that long at all!

I have previously played around with bought presets as well as creating my own, but I just couldn't get what I wanted. Amy took on board everything I said and put these ideas in to practise straight away. Not only has she created something bespoke to me, but she's also sped up my editing time immensely!

My biggest regret is not coming to Amy sooner! Worth every single penny and more!


Stevie at Stevie Jay Photography