Thanks for contacting me about editing mentoring! Editing is a really difficult and frustrating element of our career that should be enjoyable and I hope to help you get to a point where editing is rewarding and brings out the best in your images as opposed to being a horrible mundane task!

In order for me to get a really good understanding of where you’re at and what you want to achieve I need you to give me as much information as possible on these questions. So grab a brew and lets get to it!

TASKS: I need this form before our first session can be booked. After the first session I will also need your most current preset and 30 RAW files. The preset is so we can do some analysis and identify why you've not been achieving the look or consistency you want - this is great for building LR knowledge. The 30 RAW files are so I build your presets on your work - this is super important but i'll explain the best ways to send these in our first session! For now though, all i need is this! 

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