Editing should be your reward for the hard graft you've put in when shooting. But I often see people expressing how editing is what they hate about this job. I'm pretty sure thats down to the cycle of disappointment. We've all taken that perfect shot we're excited about, we click import and jump straight to it with all hopes of getting that onto our social media ASAP! And then you start your edit, but somethings not quite right. You start tweaking....nothing is getting it to what you imagined. Before you know it you've spent 30 minutes tweaking the same image and getting more frustrated. This is not editing! This is the effect of a badly built preset you're using and/or, the way you've shot it. 

This mentoring covers everything to give you confidence and knowledge when it comes to post production and things we cover are vast but are structured in a way that you will no longer be in the cycle of disappointment and wasting your time inefficiently tweaking. 

We will cover: workflow and how to achieve 100% control, Lightroom in-depth, creating a bespoke preset to give you the exact look you want, how to get it right in camera to help aid your editing, lightroom tools, and an optional look at Alien Skin Exposure looking at double processing, and other effects this software does to enhance your final product. 



This mentoring programme is broken down in 3 or 4 sessions: 

1st Session: Direction Discovery
On this session we'll chat about your current workflow and struggles, and what you want to achieve with your editing. 

2nd Session: The Lightroom Session
This is biggy, you'll definitely need a brew for this one. In this session we look at the current preset you've been using and do some preset analysis to look at why you're not achieving what you want with that one. We go through every single slider/tool/curve in the develop module looking at what works together, what doesn't and what we'd look to set everything at to achieve a certain look. This is the foundation of your knowledge.

Preset Development: I create 10 possible base presets for you and send them to you for testing. None of these will be perfect but they are options within the direction you've expressed you want to go in. Once we are confident which you like i'll then build on this more, adding more bespoke elements and textures and then finalising with perfecting your colouring. You are completely in the loop at every stage with new versions of your preset sent to you at all stages, i believe this inclusion means you get a better result than if i were to do this in isolation and send you a preset to your brief. It's good to have visual options you might not have thought were possible, right?! 

Session 3: Preset Delivery

On this session we look at your base preset, how its built and why its built that way. As we go through each setting i'll show you other options that would've changed the look of the preset and show you how you can potentially tweak up your own preset in future months. We're all creatives and we love to mix it up a bit, even if we've got exactly what we want! This session and reiteration of all the develop module builds ontop of your Lightroom foundation in the second session hopefully leaving you fully confident and to fully understand your own preset. We also look at making any potential tweaked versions of the preset for any issue lighting scenarios (if needed, not always necessary!) so you have a stack of presets ready to go on a one click to make you super speedy when it comes to editing. 

4th Session - Adding the finishing touch - Alien Skin Exposure **optional**

This session looks at Alien Skin Exposure as a further enhancer of your work. Looking double processing, controlling grain and sharpening and why ASE is far superior for these things and also looking at effects; light leaks, adding extra bokeh, tilt shifts, textures and more. 


The mentoring programme is delivered by good ol' google hangouts. It's been pretty good to me so far doing this! Fingers crossed! Don't worry, you don't have to be on video cam, you can be there slouched in your scruffs with the cam turned off. We'll be looking at my screen/Lightroom where you can see clearly what i'm doing with my cursor all whilst my broad northern accent is talking you through it all. These sessions are tailored to you and not limited to time so feel free to ask questions, go for a pee break, take notes, whatever you want! 

The mentoring programme costs £250 and is paid upfront. Spaces are limited so if you're interested please contact us!


Check out the showcase page for testimonials and examples of bespoke presets created on this programme!